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5 Reasons Why You Need an Anti-Stress Massage Treatment

More and more people are using stress relief massage to improve the way they feel, both physically and mentally. Now more than ever, many of us are struggling with our mental health; but this kind of stress can affect our bodies, too. Our muscles tighten, our posture suffers and we don’t breath as we should. An anti-stress massage is one of the most effective ways to relieve these symptoms.

Here at the Wellness Sanctuary in mid-Suffolk, we provide an oasis of calm where people can relax and unwind. Our dedicated team are trained in a range of massage therapies, to relieve both physical pain and mental stress. Read on to discover some of the amazing ways you can benefit from stress relief massage.

Stress Relief Massage

Eliminate toxins

Swedish massage is a gentle massage technique applied to soft tissue and muscle to aid physical and mental wellbeing. One of the effects of this type of massage is the elimination of toxins. These are chemicals that accumulate in us over time, and they can impair our body’s ability to function properly. Normally they are released via the kidneys or sweat glands. But when a build-up occurs, the process becomes less efficient and the toxins increase. Therefore, massage therapy improves circulation and helps the body to release toxins more quickly.

Improve your posture

In the course of our jobs, many of us are forced to sit for long periods of time. This causes our spine to become more compressed. In an effort to compensate, the muscles in our back will contort out of position. The result is bad posture, as well as pain caused by nerve fibres and blood vessels becoming trapped. Massage relaxes the muscles and relieves pressure on the nerves and blood vessels. This in turn reduces physical discomfort, along with the mental stress it can cause.

Breathe better

When our spine is compressed we tend to lean forward more. This can cause our chest cavity to become compressed as well. In addition, this can affect our lungs, and result in shorter, more inefficient breaths. If we’re not breathing properly, we’re not sending as much oxygen around our bodies. This is yet another cause of stress – one that a stress relief massage can eliminate.


The stresses of work and everyday life cause our muscles to become tense. The knock on effect of that is further stress. The act of massaging the affected muscles generates natural heat. This causes the tense muscle fibres to loosen up and become more relaxed. When we are physically more relaxed, our mental stress levels are automatically reduced.

Feel good

Serotonins are natural chemicals present in our bodies that affect the way we feel. Anxiety and depression have been shown to be linked to lower levels of serotonins. Massage therapy is known to increase the levels of these chemicals, therefore reducing those feelings of anxiety and depression. Regular massage therapy reduces physical and emotional stress and improves mental wellbeing.

Here at the Wellness Sanctuary we’re ready to help. Please don’t hesitate to give us a call for more information or advice.

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