Relax with Swedish Massage in Needham Market and Ipswich

Take a trip to tranquil environment of The Wellness Sanctuary for an invigorating full body Swedish massage, ideal for easing out muscle knots and areas of stress. Our team of qualified therapists have been providing holistic therapies to clients across Mid Suffolk for over eight years.

Choose from hour-long full body Swedish massages to half-hour back, neck and shoulder massages, both of which involve gentle to moderate pressure strokes, as well as bending and stretching movements to promote joint relaxation.

First-time visitors to The Wellness Sanctuary will receive an initial consultation, requiring full disclosure of pre-existing medical conditions. This will enable Zoe and her team to tailor your Swedish massage to your problem areas and maximise the benefit of your session.

Pressure-based back, neck & shoulder and full body massages

For those unfamiliar with Swedish massage techniques, it is a pressure-based massage designed to induce and accelerate the healing process within your body and mind. Massage oils are used to facilitate the smooth movements along your muscles, creating a sense of relaxation and harmony.

Additional Swedish massage techniques include kneading and friction, designed to gradually break down muscle knots and adhesions to ease pain and tension.

The benefits of regular Swedish massage

Swedish massage is one of the most popular holistic therapies due to its ability to treat body and mind simultaneously, promoting health and wellbeing. Many of our clients benefit from Swedish massage in the following ways:

  • Removal of toxins stored following exercise or stress
  • Improved blood circulation and oxygen flow
  • Stimulation of muscle tone
  • Prevention or reduction of muscle stiffness post-exercise
  • Easing of PMT and menopause symptoms
  • An improved sense of wellbeing and self-worth
  • Improved skin texture and appearance
  • Dispersal of muscle knots

Get £10 off your first Swedish massage

First-time customers can receive a £10 discount on any 1hour Swedish massage. Call us today on 01449 523032 for a free initial consultation and to book your first appointment, or get in touch using our online enquiry form: