Is a Deep Tissue Massage the Best Massage For Back Pain?

Pain and discomfort in the back are certainly no laughing matter. For some of us, this condition can become so severe that it limits our mobility on an everyday basis. One of the main issues is that the back is comprised of numerous muscle groups. So, obtaining an effective form of pain relief can be challenging. However, there are numerous options to consider if you are sick and tired of feeling sick and tired. One useful method involves massage therapy; specific techniques which focus upon the deeper tissues. What benefits does a targeted massage for back pain have to offer in terms of pain relief?

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A Targeted Massage for Back Pain

Deep tissue massage involves a professional placing a controlled amount of pressure upon areas that are causing you discomfort. Through the use of strokes and finger movements, it is possible to reach muscles located deeper within the body. If you are suffering from chronic pain and other superficial techniques have not produced results in the past, a deep tissue massage for back pain could be the ideal solution.

What is the Difference Between this Approach and Other Types of Massages?

As the name suggests, a deep tissue massage will require the professional to apply a greater amount of force in comparison to other methods, such as a Swedish massage. Although this might feel slightly strange during the first session, massaging deep tissues is an excellent way to loosen up muscles that have become cramped or strained. Also, the sessions themselves may last longer than other massages (normally between 60 and 90 minutes). Only professionals should perform this type of deep tissue massage therapy. It is important that your massage therapist has a significant amount of training, as well as an in-depth knowledge of the human anatomy.

What Areas Can Benefit from a Deep Massage?

These massages are used to provide pain relief to particularly stubborn areas of the back; especially those muscles found deep within the body. Some examples include the lower lumbar region (such as the quadratus lumborum and the posterior muscles found around the hip). It is also possible to experience improvements if you have been suffering with pain in your upper back, shoulders, elbows, or neck. The main takeaway point is that deep massages will help to loosen up the surrounding muscles in order to provide a significant amount of pain relief. Some conditions which can be alleviated with this type of massage include (but are not be limited to):

  • Repetitive strain injuries
  • A sudden (acute) injury
  • Chronic conditions that have existed for years
  • Previously injured muscles

The good news is that back pain relief is closer than you think when you visit The Wellness Sanctuary. If you wish to free yourself from back pain and discomfort, please take a moment to contact us. One of our massage therapists would be happy to discuss your individual requirements.

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