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Massage Therapy: The Key to a Better Night’s Sleep

A good night’s sleep, and a healthy sleep routine are essential parts of a healthy lifestyle. But with the hectic pace of modern life, we can often be tempted to skimp on a good slumber. Not only can lack of sleep have bad consequences for physical health, but it can also affect mental well-being. A bad night’s sleep can greatly impact work performance, leading to increased stress that can feed into insomnia. This can create a harmful cycle that needs breaking. Whilst taking steps to improve your physical health can positively impact your sleep, holistic massage therapy is another effective path to better sleep.

Holistic Massage Therapy For Better Sleep

The Nocturnal Benefits of Massage Therapy

Whilst it might seem unexpected to some people, massage has long been a route to better sleep. In fact, a baby massage is a common technique used to help children sleep. With massage therapy proven to help people relax, it’s logical that this relaxation can lead to better night’s rest. The therapeutic release of serotonin triggered by a massage will increase calmness. As well as this, a massage can help distance people from their day to day worries. When receiving a massage, you are taking some time out to concentrate on your own wellness. This increased relaxation can mean fewer intrusive bedtime worries.

There are a wide variety of massage techniques that can help achieve improved sleep. Swedish massage and a deep tissue massage are two gentle, slower massages that are sure to encourage relaxation. With their focus on relieving the stiffness and pain found in the deeper layers of the muscles, tension is sure to be released. But improved sleep is even one of the benefits of a sports massage. Engaging in lots of physical activity can lead to injury. As well as this, regular use of muscles can create areas of tight muscle tissue, commonly called trigger points. A sports massage can target these trigger points, to relieve soreness and tension. Thanks to a massage, pain will be less likely to disturb your slumber, giving you a much happier, healthier, and better sleep.

A Proven Route to Better Sleep

Studies have shown massage therapy to be a remarkably powerful technique in combatting insomnia. Trying out a series of massages could be a good drug-free way to combat insomnia before escalating treatment. Even more recent studies have found other targeted forms of massage effective in relieving the symptoms of other sleep disorders. Ultimately, holistic massage therapy’s combined emphasis on physical and mental well-being makes it well suited to improving the calmness required for a solid night’s sleep.

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