The Benefits of Massage Therapy | Weekly Massage Benefits

The Benefits of Massage Therapy: Why you should have a weekly massage

The initial thought of having a weekly massage might sound somewhat indulgent, but if you are looking to lead a healthier lifestyle for your body and mind, regular massage can significantly boost your wellbeing. Although an annual or biannual massage will be relaxing, it won’t be able to undo a lifetime of muscle tension. A weekly Swedish or Sports Massage will help your muscle tissues maintain their elasticity, promoting good blood and lymphatic circulation to keep muscles healthy and remove toxins.

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At The Wellness Sanctuary, we have a wide range of clients from all kinds of backgrounds. Whether it’s professional or semi-professional athletes, office workers or working mums, our professionally trained therapists tailor their massages to focus on our clients’ problem areas. Not only does this provide physical benefits, easing everyday aches and pains, it also improves mental wellbeing, helping individuals to better cope with stress and anxiety.

Our sanctuary’s owner, Zoe Overton is a Level 5 Qualified Sports Therapist, with almost a decade of professional expertise. Although Zoe and her team are specialists in advanced sports massage and deep tissue bodywork, it would be unrealistic to expect us to solve your ailments within one session. A regular weekly or biweekly massage at The Wellness Sanctuary is highly recommended for those who can relate to the following:

  • You’re experiencing chronic muscle or joint pain
    If you suffer from acute inflammation of your muscles, perhaps due to overuse or a muscular/joint condition, massage can help to alleviate those unwanted aches and pains. A 2006 study by the Group Health Research Institute found that one-in-three patients that received weekly massages over a 10-week period found it improved their back pain. That’s compared with just one-in-25 people who continued with their usual back pain care.
  • You suffer with regular headaches
    Regular massage therapies can focus on stimulating the pressure receptors at the top of your neck, helping to improve activity within the vagus nerve. This is scientifically proven to minimise the regularity of cluster headaches and crippling migraines.
  • You have a very stressful job
    We regularly help those in high-powered or intense professions to de-stress with soothing and relaxing massage therapies. The combination of calming oils and deep tissue bodywork techniques in one of our tranquil treatment rooms helps to increase levels of serotonin, improving your mood and ability to unwind.
  • You suffer from insomnia
    Speaking of serotonin, regular massage that promotes increased levels of serotonin can also help those who suffer intermittent or prolonged periods of insomnia. This condition has been linked to a lack of this snooze-worthy chemical.
  • You have a strict workout or training regime
    If you play sport weekly or work out at the gym multiple times a week, regular sports massage can accelerate the recovery of tired muscles. Massage can accelerate the traffic of pluripotent stem cells to problem areas, with the ability to reproduce tissues and cells needed to repair muscles fast.

Interested in our remedial and sports massage therapies? If you live in the Ipswich or Stowmarket area, we’re just a short drive away, with same-day and evening appointments available, pending availability. Take your first step to recovery today by calling 01449 523032 or drop us a line using our online enquiry form.

First-time customers will receive a £10 discount on all 1 hour massage treatments.

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