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What is Holistic Therapy? 10 Benefits of Holistic Massage

What is holistic therapy? The answer to that question begins with the word holistic, which means whole. In other words, holistic therapy addresses physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing, to encourage a healthy and balanced human whole. For example, a wide range of therapeutic, hands-on massage techniques are used to encourage this physical and mental harmony. Nowadays, the importance of combined physical and mental well-being is well recognised. This gives even more reason to try out the classic techniques of holistic therapy, which have developed harmony across the mind, body and soul for centuries.

What is holistic therapy? Holistic head massage

The Techniques and Physical Benefits of Holistic Therapy

Holistic massage draws on a wide range of established massage techniques, and Swedish massage is often incorporated into holistic therapy. An Indian head massage is another popular massage used as part of holistic therapy. This pressure-based massage focuses on the upper body, shoulders, neck, and head. In addition, a natural face treatment is also a much-loved holistic therapy technique, as it encourages healthier skin and alleviates tension. Therefore, as holistic therapy is aimed at the whole, the benefits of holistic treatment reinforce one another. Many of the following physical benefits go hand in hand with mental well-being:

  • For many people, holistic therapy improves sleep patterns. This is because a relaxing massage will loosen your muscles, encouraging a more tranquil slumber.
  • An Indian head massage can ease regular headaches, giving you the physical tranquillity you need to think clearly.
  • With your muscles loosened by a hands-on massage, your blood flow will increase. This improved circulation has a range of benefits that extend well beyond physical health.
  • A massage can help the body reduce the toxins in its muscle tissue, providing relief from muscular pain.
  • With positive physical and mental effects, a massage will reduce tension, leaving you feeling more relaxed. So, you will shed tension you didn’t know you were holding on to.

The Mental and Spiritual Benefits of Holistic Therapy

By nurturing physical well-being, holistic therapy makes clear the way to mental and spiritual harmony. Holistic massage mirrors the physical benefits of massage in its mental benefits:

  • The therapeutic sensations of a massage will cause the release of endorphins, a feel-good hormone.
  • With improved sleep and increased metabolism, you’ll feel increased energy throughout your daily activities.
  • Holistic therapy has the potential to relieve the symptoms of depression with its relaxed relationship between therapist and patient.
  • Massage therapy has been shown to combat anxiety, taming the fight or flight response and alleviating symptoms.
  • Holistic therapy also provides a space to distance yourself from the hectic rush of daily life. This rest can boost your mental clarity, to help you make better decisions in your personal and professional life.

Considering this wide range of physical and mental benefits, it’s clear that holistic massage therapy lives up to its name. In other words, with physical benefits reinforcing good mental health, and mental benefits like reduced stress reinforcing physical health, holistic therapy promotes an integrated approach to well-being. The experts at The Wellness Sanctuary can help you find a holistic approach right for you. Get in touch today to find out more.

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